Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy Week by Week provides concise yet comprehensive information and resources for mothers-to-be (fathers can join us too). Being pregnant brings up a lot of questions, and our goal is to answer not only the most common ones but also those which might be less often asked. Even though we work hard on providing accurate information, none of our content should be taken as medical advice. Please seek out a medical professional for guidance.

First Trimester

1One Week2Two Weeks3Three Weeks4Four Weeks5Five Weeks6Six Weeks7Seven Weeks8Eight Weeks9Nine Weeks10Ten Weeks11Eleven Weeks12Twelve Weeks

Second Trimester

13Thirteen Weeks14Fourteen Weeks15Fifteen Weeks16Sixteen Weeks17Seventeen Weeks18Eighteen Weeks19Nineteen Weeks20Twenty Weeks21Twenty One Weeks22Twenty Two Weeks23Twenty Three Weeks24Twenty Four Weeks25Twenty Five Weeks26Twenty Six Weeks

Third Trimester

27Twenty Seven Weeks28Twenty Eight Weeks29Twenty Nine Weeks30Thirty Weeks31Thirty One Weeks32Thirty Two Weeks33Thirty Three Weeks34Thirty Four Weeks35Thirty Five Weeks36Thirty Six Weeks37Thirty Seven Weeks38Thirty Eight Weeks39Thirty Nine Weeks40Fourty Weeks

Getting Pregnant

The process of getting pregnant can bring up questions for first-time parents. Hopefully, we have some of the answers for you.

Due Date Calculator

If you just cannot wait for your doctor’s appointment to find your due date, then you can get a rough idea by using our due date calculator.

Signs & Symptoms

If you are wondering whether you are pregnant, here are some of the most common signs and symptoms for which to look.

Pregnancy Essentials

To get ready for the nine months of pregnancy, here is a list of the most common items that a mother-to-be could use.