One Weeks Pregnant

Embryo in the 1st week of pregnancy

If you are reading this summary, chances are you've decided to have a baby, or you're already pregnant and trying to learn as much about your pregnancy as possible. Either way, week 1 is rather uneventful. It is the week of your last menstrual cycle. Your body is preparing for pregnancy by releasing an egg (ovum) for fertilization. No one knows for certain when a woman conceives, because sperm may take a few days to find their target. Because of this uncertainty, your doctor will mark the beginning of your pregnancy from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP).

Although you are not actually pregnant, your body is going through changes. Week 1 marks the beginning of your menstrual cycle--the last one for quite some time. Your uterus is preparing for ovulation, so prepare for typical premenstrual symptoms (PMS). If you are actively trying to conceive, prepare yourself emotionally and physically: Conception occurs more readily when baby is given the optimum environment.

Technically, there is no baby. But through menstruation, your body is preparing a future home for your new love-to-be.