Eleven Weeks Pregnant

Fetus in the 11th week of pregnancy

Nearing the end of the first trimester, baby and mom are beginning to get used to this cohabitation. Baby is developing in remarkable ways, and mom is finally starting to feel better from the havoc the first few weeks of pregnancy brings.

Pregnancy changes every aspect of you. Not only do all those hormones cause mood swings and emotional tenderness, but they have an effect on the physical body as well. Progesterone can cause bowel issues, particularly constipation, which is quite normal during this time. In fact, your intestines are slowing down right now, so the little bump in your tummy could actually be from this movement. This is why it is important to stay hydrated to help your body with movements.

Also affected by changing hormones are your hair, fingernails, toenails, and skin. Your hair may be fuller, and both nails and hair are growing more than usual. Although skin may have been blemished in the first trimester, it starts to improve moving into the second, and you may notice that healthy pregnancy glow.

By the end of the first trimester, it is also typical for women to gain a bit of weight: approximately 3 to 5 pounds. Your abdomen and breasts are starting to become fuller (and more tender), and you may notice a bit of roundness here and there. If you have not gained any weight, or you have lost weight, do not fear. This can be normal for many women. Be sure to maintain a healthy diet; baby will get all the nutrients he or she needs!