Twelve Weeks Pregnant

Fetus in the 12th week of pregnancy

Welcome to the last week of your first trimester. At this point, many couples decide to tell others about their pregnancy (if they haven't already). The reason for this is that they may feel more comfortable knowing that week 12 marks a significant decrease in the chances of miscarriage. This week also marks the beginning of a new phase of pregnancy.

Changes in Mom

You have survived the first trimester! Although some women may continue to experience nausea and fatigue, the majority of women will leave these unpleasantries behind (if they haven't already). In fact, many women feel a boost of energy in the second trimester. Feeling good and glowing, pregnancy can be a pleasant time for many women.

On the flip side of this, an increase in blood production can make you susceptible to occasional headaches and light-headedness. Be cautious when exercising, standing up, and in warm places. This extra blood supply may also be making you feel warmer. It is best to dress in layers.

Many women experience skin changes around this time. Although you will look a bit plumper (hello lips!) and glowing, it is also normal to have dry, itchy skin, or to see dark blotches. Please, be mindful of what you put on your skin, as it could be harmful for you and baby. In addition to skin care safety, pregnant women must also be cautious while using over-the-counter medications for increased heartburn, indigestion, and constipation.