Thirteen Weeks Pregnant

Fetus in the 13th week of pregnancy

Now that the second trimester has started, you will feel much relief--both physically and emotionally. Week 13 is the start of a different type of experience with baby, one that is less exhausting, nauseating, and full of worry. Although the changes you will see (and feel) during the second trimester can cause apprehension, you may be feeling a sense of calm during these next 12 weeks.

This week may literally feel like a new beginning. All of those awful symptoms of the first trimester have likely lessened, if not disappeared altogether. Your uterus has shifted up and forward, in preparation of growing baby, and has diminished its pressure on your bladder. The affect of all those hormones have stabilized, and the nausea and fatigue have mostly subsided. In addition to feeling less moody and irritable, you should now feel better (we hope!), so you're able to manage your emotions more effectively.

Unfortunately, not all is sunshine and rainbows. Because your uterus is growing, so is your waistline, and the muscles that were once stable are now feeling a bit stretched. It is normal for women to begin feeling uncomfortable, even extreme discomfort, due to round ligament pain. If the discomfort is severe or worrisome, make sure to call your doctor immediately.

Many women will continue to suffer from constipation and heartburn throughout pregnancy, so don't be surprised if the indigestion saga continues. Make sure to stay hydrated and eat small meals more frequently to combat these tummy troubles. Also, it is possible to continue to feel exhaustion and nausea into the second trimester. Do not worry: These symptoms will decrease in the next few weeks.