Fourteen Weeks Pregnant

Fetus in the 14th week of pregnancy

Week 14 continues to bring a sense of normalcy to life--as normal as pregnant life can be. Mom's difficult early symptoms have most likely disappeared and baby's main task is to add to all that vital development of the first trimester.

Most internal symptoms have subsided for mom, except for the usual bouts of indigestion, and minor aches and pains. In the second trimester, mom begins to look more pregnant as her waistline and breasts grow to accommodate baby and prepare for breastfeeding. One of the main symptoms of pregnancy this week is skin changes: New moles may begin to appear, freckles become darker, and the areolas that surround the nipples also become much darker. In addition to these changes, many women will notice a line running up from the pubic bone to the naval. The linea negra is normal and should disappear post-pregnancy.