Twenty Weeks Pregnant

Fetus in the 20th week of pregnancy

Finally--the half-way mark. You can do this!

Plenty is changing, and although it seems as if things have slowed down, a tremendous transformation is just about to start. At this point, women typically gain about 15 pounds. From here on, you can expect to gain up to 1 pound per week! Not only are you going to see that scale needle shift weekly, but you may also notice that moving, breathing, and other activities are becoming limited due to your new shape. That belly button of yours is starting to protrude, your trips to the bathroom are becoming an hourly affair (if not more), and your digestive system is wondering why it's constantly upset.

It is important think of baby's dietary needs more than ever. Everything you consume reaches baby, and baby is taking what he or she needs, while you get the leftovers. One essential nutrient to ingest is iron, eating foods like eggs, chicken, oatmeal, dark and dried fruits, and dark green, leafy vegetables (spinach or kale are excellent choices). Anemia can be a threat to premature delivery and other complications, so eat up!