Twenty Two Weeks Pregnant

Fetus in the 22nd week of pregnancy

Although many of your symptoms have tapered off and seem to be a (not-so-nice) memory, you may begin to experience other changes at this point in the pregnancy, and many of these modifications are due to your body's remarkable transformation.

Now that you've reached the last few weeks of the second trimester, you will notice that gaining weight is the new norm. Women can expect to gain at least a pound per week during this time, although "normal" does not reflect the needs or realities of every woman.

Along with an increasing waist and bust line, you can also expect to retain more fluids and feel puffy throughout your body. This is normal as your body is pumping and circulating more blood than before. Be mindful of these body changes as they can make your feet, legs, hands, and arms swell. It is important to rest and elevate those legs, but it is equally important to keep moving throughout the day--don't stay in one position for too long!

And speaking of not staying in one position for too baby is on the move and you'll be able to feel those flips, twists, and kicks increasingly in the coming weeks.