Twenty Three Weeks Pregnant

Fetus in the 23rd week of pregnancy

Mom and baby will continue to grow in size this week, as the second trimester starts to wind down. To prepare for the final push, both mom's and baby's bodies are flexing their muscles.

Contractions are the dreaded part of pregnancy, filled with apprehension and mystery, especially for first-time mothers. Any time after the first trimester, women may begin to feel practice contractions in their abdomen, which become more prevalent as the pregnancy goes on. You may have noticed some of these uncomfortable bouts of tightening muscles, or you have only heard of them, but Braxton Hicks contractions are perfectly normal. One of the best ways to combat cramping is to relax and stay hydrated.

With aches and pains comes the main attraction of the second trimester: starting to feel baby move more often. These movements never get old and make any amount of discomfort worth it.