Twenty Eight Weeks Pregnant

Fetus in the 28th week of pregnancy

Welcome to the third trimester! This week starts the beginning of the end of pregnancy, and there are many preparations to be made.

Earlier in your pregnancy, you had a blood test conducted to determine your Rh factor. About 85 percent of the human population is Rh-positive, which includes an important protein on the surface of the red blood cells. If you happen to be Rh-negative, then your blood cells are missing this protein. Lacking this protein can mean that your body is creating an antibody to reject your baby's blood. During weeks 28 and 36, women who test Rh-negative (Rhesus factor), will receive an anti-D or Rh immunoglobulin injection.

You may also experience more stomach and intestinal issues as the uterus expands and pushes against your organs. It is common to struggle with constipation and heartburn. It is also important to discuss these issues with your healthcare provider, so you can safely and effectively manage these symptoms.