Three Weeks Pregnant

The 3rd week of pregnancy will bring about the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Conception! The moment of genesis has finally arrived, whether this moment caught you by surprise or is all a part of your calculations. A successful sperm has now fertilized the egg, creating a one-celled organism called a zygote. After this cell divides numerous times (forming a blastocyst), it will travel down the fallopian tube where it will find a home in your uterus.

Some women are very sensitive to changes in their bodies. For those planning a pregnancy, symptoms may be more noticeable or an early pregnancy test may alert the new parents at the 4-week mark. However, for many women, early signs of pregnancy can be confused with flu- or cold-like symptoms, and pregnancy may not be confirmed until late in the first trimester (first 12 weeks).

Upon fertilization, the mother's body releases an immunosuppressant protein, which will signify to the body this zygote, and future baby, is safe. The release of this protein, Early Pregnancy Factor (EPF), causes many changes in the mother.