Thirty One Weeks Pregnant

Fetus in the 31st week of pregnancy

Your baby can now turn his head from side to side and his body, arms and legs are beginning to plump as fat accumulates underneath his skin. He is also moving a lot and this may be the reason you are having trouble sleeping. He is now a bit over 16 inches long and wights over 3 pounds. He is about the size of a coconut.

You may have heard the term, Braxton Hicks. These are random contractions that occur on the second half of the pregnancy when the muscles in your uterus tighten. They last about 30 seconds and are irregular and painless. Even though they are not painful, contractions can be a sign of preterm labor. If you have four or more contractions in one hour, call your doctor or midwife. You may also notice an increase in vaginal discharge or even a change in the texture or color. Your discharge may be watery, bloody or mucus like. You may also experience menstrual like cramping or lower back pain.

At 31 weeks your breasts are making colostrum, or "premilk". You may not see it but some women notice leaking of colostrum towards the end of their pregnancy. If your bra is too snug this is a great time to purchase a nursing bra. Be sure to get a cup size bigger than your everyday bra. Once your milk comes, you will be glad you made that decision. If you are leaking colostrum, insert some nursing pads into your bra and you are good to go. Either a boy or a girl, both are blessings. If you are having a boy, this would be a good time to talk about whether or not you are going to circumcise your baby boy. Talk to your doctor and find out pros and cons.