Thirty Seven Weeks Pregnant

Fetus in the 37th week of pregnancy

It's the final countdown but doctor's don't consider your baby full term until you are 39 weeks. By this week, your baby has reached very close to his final weight and height. He is the size of Swiss Chard. He will still put on a bit of fat each day to keep the body temperature leveled. He is at 6.5 pounds and a little over 19 inches tall. If your belly has "dropped" by now then you will feel the urge to go pee a lot more often then before. The umbilical cord starts passing antibodies to your baby to prepare for delivery. These antibodies will better prepare your babies agains the germs and disease outside the womb. His fingers are now more coordinated and he will be able to grab in to your finger after he his born. Your voice will be the most familiar to him. Don't be surprised if he turns his head towards you when he hears your voice.

Your baby continues to put pressure on your digestive system as you get closer to your due date. You may also experience heartburn and this is completely normal, just hang in there. Stretch marks may also start appearing during your 37th week and on. Be sure to drink plenty of water even though this will add to the increased number of times you already to the bathroom. Keep that body oil or stretch mark cream handy and lather up the you can.