Thirty Eight Weeks Pregnant

Fetus in the 38th week of pregnancy

Your baby weighs close to 6.8 pounds and measures 19.5 inches tall. About the lengths of a leak. Your baby's organs are ready to survive outside the womb now. She is plumping up and now has a good grasp. You will be able experience this when she is born and holds your finger tight. You maybe wondering what color your baby's eyes are, right? If your baby is born with brown eyes, her eyes will most likely stay brown. If your baby is born with gray or dark blue eyes, they may stay gray or turn hazel or brown by 9 months. The iris of your baby's eyes will gain more pigments but it will not get lighter.

Don't be surprised if you spot yellow markings in your bra between now and your delivery date. Your breasts are now producing colostrum. You may have heard people refer to this as "gold". It's a special milk produced in the first few days that is rich in nutrients and antibodies. It has less fat and sugar and more protein than the milk that will arrive later. You may want to get adsorbent pads to use. Plus, they will come handy when your baby is born. It's important now to time your contractions so you can look for a pattern. If your contractions are closer together and last longer, then they are real labor contractions and not the Braxton Hicks.