Thirty Nine Weeks Pregnant

Fetus in the 39th week of pregnancy

Weighing in at over 7 pounds and 20 inches, your baby is as big as a pumpkin. Forget about the fact that it's pretty crowded in there. Your baby keeps growing until you give birth. Of course, at a very low rate. Your baby is considered full term at this point. Come next week, you will be very close to your due date if you don't go into labor this week. Your baby is ready to live and breath out your womb.

Remember when you were afraid of childbirth? Well, you have probably forgotten about all that and are very ready to get this baby out. Your lower torso may feel heavy and uncomfortable. That's because your baby is sitting so low ready for birth. You may see some mucus as thick as discharge and a hint of blood in it. This is called the "bloody show". Even thought there is not much science to it, people often say this is a sign that you are going into labor very soon. If you are a mom carrying twins and have made it this far, kudos to you for baking those buns to the fullest. Most moms that are carrying twins will give birth before they reach 39 weeks.

Some women have the desire to clean the house and "nest" right before the baby is born. This is completely normal but don't go to crazy and use all your energy. Save it up for delivery!