Fourty Weeks Pregnant

Fetus in the 40th week of pregnancy

Your baby weights around 7 and a half pounds and a bit over 20 inches long. She is a size of a medium pumpkin.He soul bones have not yet completely merged making it easy to go through the birth canal. She maybe born with a bit of a pointy head but no worries there. This is just temporary and it will fix on its own.

Your due date is just around the corner and if you are reading this then you are still pregnant. About 60% of babies are born one week of either side of their due date and close to 90% are born two weeks of either side. If you cant sleep, it's ok. Get up and do a calm activity such as read a book or write in your journal. Maybe read a book about how your body will change and recover after birth. Even though you are eager to meet and greet your little one, try to take the next few days as "me time" and enjoy the silence.