Eight Weeks Pregnant

Embryo in the 8th week of pregnancy

Week 8 marks the last days of your baby's embryo days. Developing into a fetus, your baby will begin to lose its embryonic traits (think tadpole) and will being to look and act more human every day. From the end of this week until delivery, your baby will be a fetus, and with fetal status comes rapid growth.

Many of your symptoms may be subsiding, now that your body has missed two periods and is adjusting to many hormonal changes. You may notice that your belly is growing; your uterus is about the size of an orange or grapefruit now and is making room for baby. Your breasts are also preparing for baby, since he or she will need nourishment outside of your body in about 32 weeks. All women experience these symptoms differently, but many will notice varicose veins (dark veins due to increase in blood flow), colostrum (thick, yellow discharge from nipples), darkening areolas, and Montgomery tubercles (tiny glands on areolas). In addition to these changes, heaviness in your breasts may occur. Be prepared to gain at least a cup size in this area throughout pregnancy.